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FoG: Prayer
A series on refocusing our lives with the gospel.

FoG: Prayer

Prayer is a wonderful way to refocus our lives on God. So, let’s spend a bit more time on the practice. Honestly, prayer is one of those things that I feel is misunderstood, unfortunately. Prayer is typically something we use when we want to petition God, but it is so much more! So what is prayer?

[churchpack_superquote]Prayer is our main way of approaching God with our lives, loves, needs, fears, and exaltations.[/churchpack_superquote]

We should be constantly coming to God both in times of weakness and strength. We should be using prayer to praise Him and recognize our need of Him. Look at Matthew 6:9-13. Jesus revolutionizes our typical prayer with His golden approach to God. The first part of His model is focused upwards on God and His greatness in being and power. Then it moves to our need of His providence and deliverance. Notice how the whole model actually stays focused on God? Our prayers should do the same. Be thankful that God hears us through the righteousness of Christ. Be grateful that God has given us the righteousness of Christ by His sacrifice on the cross. Use pray as a tool to ward of temptation, seek God’s face, praise His name, petition for needs, intercession for others, always with God being our primary focus.

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