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FoG: Distractions
A series on refocusing our lives with the gospel.

FoG: Distractions

So here I am, working away. I look up, and it’s 12:30…

Time flew this morning since I arrived at work. Where did it go?! Sometimes, time flies because I am doing legit work (this morning, point in case). Other times, however, I just succumbed to distractions. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the internet in general – all of these things, not to mention all our devices, can easily become distractions. Do we get caught up in social networks and emails before focusing on God? Often we do. I’m not saying that we should do away with these things, though some of us probably should. I am saying that we use these things purposefully and for God glory. Do we use our time wisely? Don’t waste your social media. Don’t waste your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Use them purposefully. But focus on God primarily.

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