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It’s nice out

It was nice out today. Which meant a walk with the fam jam. It was a great day to spend time with Alicia, talking with her, learning about her. I wish that I had more days that I could just spend with her like that.

The point is that we need not forget the best gifts, or any gift really, that God has given. We should thank Him regularly, cherishing our families and loved ones and friends. We should pour the good news into each other with love, edifying them. If we love Christ, we should desire to talk about Him together. This is how we can cherish our Savior within the marriage union. Our dedication to our spouse is also a picture of Christ’s relationship with the church. Sometimes we paint pour pictures.

Men, let’s love and seek after our wives, cherishing them as wonderful gifts of God and accurately displaying Christ’s love for the church. Don’t waste you nice days on meaningless or temporary things when we can be walking and talking with our spouses, our brides, our life mates.

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