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Ode to Baptism

What is this!
A symbol of Thy death and resurrection be.
Yes, it’s baptism,
Your command to me.

To neglect this duty
Is to hear not Your command.
What a shock that we would think
Ourselves and opinions so grand.

I fear that we have fallen
Fallen so far
That we would see Your example and be swayed not to care.

It is proof that our souls
Love bitter arguments about and disobedience of You.
To think, that we would even dare.

God, You have given such a great sacrifice.
Surely, we would seek to emulate that great Price.

We must tender become
Towards our God on high
Lest He, in anger,
Bring us to nigh.

For by baptism we show
By His great Love
To be intimately known.

Argue no more over the quantity involved.
Seek to display the gospel as Jesus, be resolved,
For in His grace our sins are absolved.

I’m a poor poet in general, but baptism though a symbol, is symbolic of a great God and His gift. Let us no longer see such pictures as insignificant. May we not reduce them. Baptism, immersion, is the biblical imperative from God for us to follow. That, if nothing else, makes it significant. Thanks for bearing through my poetry(ish)!

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