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It’s the small things…

It’s the small things…

One of the hardest things to fight, dare I say wage war against, is the impulse to make DateNight big and expensive. Though the occasional nice, expensive dates are good, many of us don’t have that kind of budget. This is where we need to realize that we are called to live life together in marriage. So we need to work at make the ordinary something more. This means our attitude needs to change. Sports are good, but don’t waste your time with sports if your wife needs you. Shopping is fun, but don’t exhaust your man or the budget with it.

[tagline fleuron=”off”]”So, what CAN we do?” you might ask.[/tagline]

Find a normal activity and spice it up a bit. Whenever Alicia and I go to target, we treat ourselves with some Starbucks. It’s maybe $10 total, but adds to the time spent shopping. And instead of walking in silence, we spend the time talking about life, friends, and ourselves. So take a short trip to the closest coffee house together and spend some time talking. And the kids do not always have to be treated simply because you are. Or maybe drop them at a friends house for an hour. Either way, make the focus be on each other. And don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of things coming your way that fit those of you who aren’t big on coffee!

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