Monthly Archives: April 2013

FoG: Prayer

Prayer is a wonderful way to refocus our lives on God. So, let’s spend a bit more time on the practice. Honestly, prayer is one of those things that I feel is misunderstood, unfortunately. Prayer is typically something we use when we want to petition God, but it is so […]

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FoG: Vision

I’m pretty blind, literally. I have terrible eyesight. And if there is one thing that will cause you to stub a toe or fall flat on your face, it’s poor vision. This is also amazingly true of our focus on God. I began this series with time because it takes […]

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Great Debtors

Oh to grace, how great a debtor Daily I’m constrained to be Let Thy goodness, like a fetter Bind my wandering heart to Thee! Let’s not forget that we are daily debtors of God’s grace. Such remembrance helps us realize that we are bound by Christ’s liberty, no longer held […]

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FoG: 1.5

How does time connect with the gospel though? Simple. Jesus spent time teaching, living, dying, resurrecting, teaching…you get the point. Jesus came down to our existence, being bound to time. He did not abuse time nor was He a captor to time. He managed His time according to what mattered […]

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FoG: 1

I recently had a friend of mine mention his daily habits back home in Africa. He said that he typically went to bed around midnight and would rise at 3am to spend three hours in the Word and in prayer. I think we all have much to learn from his […]

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Focus on God

Let’s take a minute and realize that we all need to slow down, WAY down. Generally speaking, our lives are too busy, too packed to focus on what really matters. Where does the family, church, and our own relationship with God fall on the priority list? Do our actions line […]

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