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Where the East Meets West

Where the East Meets West

Where can you go to get Subway or Chinese without going further than 20ft? The FoodCourt! The mall is a great place to date on a dime. And it is normally loud enough to create the feeling of close intimate conversation, mainly because you have to lean in to hear each other. But seriously, walking the mall and window shopping (remember, you’re on a budget) are wonderful ways to engage one another. Alicia, my wife, and I do this on occasion and have a blast. There are plenty of his and her stores, so no one is left out.

But there can be some risk here. First, spending on other things in the mall by impulse buy. So be sure to lay the ground rules on spending and agree to hold each other accountable. This even helps build accountability in other areas of marriage.
Second, be patient with one another. Don’t rush each other out of a store because you don’t like it. And give each other freedom to go in stores that they want to visit.
Third, don’t waste an opportunity. How hard is it to get gift ideas the week of a birthday?! Take this time to pay attention to the likes and dislikes of each other so that when the occasion arises you know of several things to pick up. If the window shopping is too expensive to even buy later, note the kinds of things and shop around for similar, less expensive alternatives.
[tagline flueron=”off”]Above all, enjoy the time together![/tagline]

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