Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Poorest of Poor

I think it will be good to begin this blog series with a discussion of what poor actually is. After all, if you drop from a $400k job to a $100k, you might consider yourself poor. Or maybe we are quick to characterize someone as poor in the pitiful sense, […]

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Good Morning World

It isn’t for me to wake and see A life worth going and living For such is filled with hurt Unpleasant, short and curt But once awakened from within Life took a turn towards Christ And Christ gives joy and hope and peace Great mercies and great grace So now […]

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Read This!

Guys, what are you doing to live pleasing and fruitful lives before God? To help, I’ve gathered some books that I’m either going to read or have already read that you need to pick up. I’m even going to give away one of these books this Fall! Im calling this […]

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The Divided Human Race

I know that there are several other resources that we can go to on this subject, but I’d like to approach the issue of racial separation in light of the Zimmerman trial. First, I have no opinion about the trial itself, nor will I be speaking to that. I was […]

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