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The Power of God (A Fictional Tale)

It was raining. I hate the rain. I was waiting for a cab to take me to Château du Sage. The reviews spoke highly of it’s linguine with clams and bacon. I had time, and a nice glass of Irouléguy sounded delightful. So I got in the cab and away we went.

Dinner was good; the wine was better. I thought about how tired I was. Didn’t matter, I felt my nightly urge to read from the Good Book and meditate and pray before diving head first into my pillow. I was out before I could reach to turn the light off, and the rhythm of the rain kept me out, hard.

When I awoke, I could feel it. I knew something was off; I sat straight up and into the eyes of the most beautifully, horrifying thing I’d even seen. I knew who, well…what he was. An angel with a devilish grin and worrisome countenance. My only thought was, “Why me, and why now?”

He spoke kindly and gently, just barely above a whisper. Smooth, he spoke smoothly, pleasantly even. “Hello Jim, sorry to wake you. I’m here to cause you no harm; do not be afraid.”

My sleepy stupor was long worn off by now, but still I stammered, “Wha…what do want-t?” I knew his allegiance, and he knew mine. It was frightening until I remembered what I had read just before falling asleep. I murmured to myself, “1John 5:1 – ‘We know that everyone who has been born of God does not keep on sinning, but he who was born of God protects him, and the evil one does not touch him.’ ”

Strangely, he replied to my murmurings rather than my direct questions, “‘And the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.’ Yes, I know who you say that you serve. But your faith is weak, and your heart sinful.”

He lied. I knew that he only said the last half of the verse. It says in verse 6, “We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.” Subtle difference that sealed his fate in my mind. I am from God. This spirit had no power over me. I felt empowered for this fight. “You know that I am from God. You can’t be serious. He protects me; you clearly don’t know the power of my Father nor the saving grace of Jesus, my Savior. Be gone, filthy spirit. You cannot stand in the presence of The Lord and those whom He protects.” I felt like I was speaking Bible. Be gone?! The words felt barely mine. Yet, the demon was put back.

“Who are you to speak so boldly to me? You clearly don’t know of my power! Jim, I will have my way with you yet!”

I shook, but held my ground, “The Book shows your end in a lake of fire for eternity. You will be no more once the God of my salvation crushes you beneath His feet!”

He left. Gone. I all but collapsed back onto my bed. I opened my eyes and the morning had dawned. Morning already? I remembered my encounter…or was it some vivid dream? I began to relive each moment over and over. How crazy?!

Then it hit me. I was so brave against that demon but fail on a regular basis. My main question to him applied directly to me. Do I understand how powerful my Father is? Yes, He protects. It’s a beautiful aspect of being His child. But how often to I show a lack of faith in Him and His power when I live out disbelief. I need forgiveness. I need His protection from myself. The power of God overwhelmed me. It should overwhelm me daily.

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