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Read This! Giveaway – Men

Read This! Giveaway - Men

Guys, what are you doing to live pleasing and fruitful lives before God? To help, I’ve gathered some books that I’m either going to read or have already read that you need to pick up. I’m even going to give away one of these books this Summer! I’m calling this the Read This! Giveaway. I will be doing one several times a year. Check it:

Manhood Restored – Eric Mason
Follow Me – David Platt
The Bookends of a Christian Life – Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington
Forgotten God – Francis Chan
Think – John Piper
The Conviction to Lead – R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

All of these books directly impact our role as the spiritual leader of our families and leaders in our churches. If you are neither, these are a great start to being a biblical man.

In order to receive one of these this Summer, please leave a comment (hopefully in favor of a book mentioned) and one from the list that you don’t have. In June, I will be announcing the Read This! Giveaway – Men winner.

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