General Theology

God is Good to His Children

Sometimes we have trouble seeing how God is so good. I know I have at times. And it seems like it’s much easier to see His handiwork when not in the storm. I just wanted to remind you that He is good to His children, even when you can’t see […]

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The Face of Persecution

Is persecution as pervasive, or scarce, as some say? Are Christians having a rough time of it in general? What does the face of persecution look like in the 21 century? R. Andrew Chesnut, Professor of Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and writer for the Huffington Post, would have […]

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Are Atheists Smarter and Humbler?

In this article over at the Washington Post, Herb Silverman of the Secular Coalition of America writes as a distinguished mathematician and author of his autobiography entitled Candidate Without a Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt. He cites a study that reports a lower religiosity […]

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Polyamory – Gospel Assailant

Polyamory is the practice of having simultaneous intimate relationships with more than one person at a time, with the knowledge and consent of all partners. The BBC article (find it here) that contains this definition shows us a picture of four people in five relationships amongst themselves. Yes, the first […]

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Am I Called to this Church?

Not to rehash old wounds, but the Scott Phillips news blunder (see my earlier post here) brings another question into the light that is definitely worth discussing. Phillips said that he and his family were called to another church. We hear this kind of language all the time. So, what […]

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When the Church Cannibalizes

Recently, an article was published in the local Montgomery Advertiser (find it here) entitled “Football coach loses job for not going to church at East Memorial”. Yahoo jumped on the story shortly after with its own article (see it here) entitled “Alabama state champion coach and AD fired for being […]

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Five Lessons learned at SBC2013

I know we only have one day of convention behind us, but certain thing have already come to the forefront as worth living, learning, and sharing. So here we go: Mission is Essential As believers we must be on mission both locally and otherwise. Not just because we should, but […]

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Ode to Baptism

What is this! A symbol of Thy death and resurrection be. Yes, it’s baptism, Your command to me. To neglect this duty Is to hear not Your command. What a shock that we would think Ourselves and opinions so grand. I fear that we have fallen Fallen so far That […]

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