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FoG: 1
A series on refocusing our lives with the gospel.

FoG: 1

I recently had a friend of mine mention his daily habits back home in Africa. He said that he typically went to bed around midnight and would rise at 3am to spend three hours in the Word and in prayer. I think we all have much to learn from his example. Luther, as well, was known for saying that the day is not properly started if not begun with 3 hours in prayer.

What is the first thing? Time.

We must be quick to give our time to God in prayer and in His Word. David rose early. Jesus rose early. Yes, human beings need sleep. But God will sustain us unto the end. We must order our day with God as the primary focus.

Does a 15 minute devotion show that God is the focus or just a piece in the puzzle of our cramped days?

Mark 1:35; Luke 21:38; John 8:2; Psalm 57:8-11; Psalm 63:1; Psalm 108:1-5

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