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FoG: Vision
Refocus with the gospel

FoG: Vision

I’m pretty blind, literally. I have terrible eyesight. And if there is one thing that will cause you to stub a toe or fall flat on your face, it’s poor vision. This is also amazingly true of our focus on God. I began this series with time because it takes time to begin to look upon God. It is then that we realize He is not clearly seen. Our vision of God should be shaped by His Word. We must never think that we know God because we would do or think about it this way. Never! God determines our vision of Himself.

So what now? Colossians 3 speaks about setting (focusing) our minds on things above. Paul continues by giving us a list of things to put off and things to put on. The list is not so much a dos and don’ts, but a general qualities list that a true believer should and should not have. The truth remains. Christ changes our vision from being on us to being set on Him. We are often too short-sighted to focus correctly on God’s purposes.

Read Colossians 3.

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