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Five Lessons learned at SBC2013

I know we only have one day of convention behind us, but certain thing have already come to the forefront as worth living, learning, and sharing. So here we go:

Mission is Essential

As believers we must be on mission both locally and otherwise. Not just because we should, but because it is pleasing to the LORD God! If we are believers, mission has been woven into our DNA! How is that? Because Jesus us wove it there when He died and rose again, giving us a new nature in Him. Mission isn’t just a should (though we should); it is the standard in the Christian life.

Love is Needed

The gospel gives us the ability to love others properly and love them to Christ. This doesn’t mean that we ignore sin, and we certainly can’t push the sinner away. No! We must love these hell-bound people by showing them the freeing gift of Christ’s atoning work on the cross. After all, we would be in the same boat – that is, dead in our sins – if it weren’t for this great grace. If you squirm at certain sinful behavior, get over it and live Christ.

Redefining Marriage is more than a Definition

First, no one can redefine what God has already clearing and completely defined. Period.
Second, the issue of defining marriage different from the biblical definition is much more than a change to Webster’s. This issue is a clear gospel issue much greater than somebody’s civil right or otherwise. No! Marriage is a beautiful picture of the gospel, and to attack marriage is to attack the gospel.

The Church must Step Up

If you look at statistics, (there are plenty of them) we are doing a poor job of reaching the lost. I believe it is partly due to a loss of the mentality that we are “in the world but not of the world”. We must stop seeking to gain material things on this world. In a matter of a couple decades, Baptist households have been seeking after larger houses while filling those houses with less children. Men, we aren’t even being good spiritual leaders in our houses, much less the church or community. We must step it up by stop focusing on earthly things. Shift our focus unto Christ!

We must Regain our love for the Lord

The root of every single problem that we encounter can be traced to some lack of love for our Lord. Having struggles with a brother? Love the Lord and bear together with that brother in love. Struggle reading the word? Love the Lord and see that His word is necessary and supreme in our lives. Struggle with sharing the gospel? Love the Lord and find your boldness and joy in Him to share the only One Who can truly unloose those chains of bondage to sin and eternal damnation. Love Christ, our great and might Savior, God in the flesh!

We must see these things as necessary and needed in our lives. These concepts have impacted me much. I hope they impact you as well. Thanks for reading.

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