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The Divided Human Race

I know that there are several other resources that we can go to on this subject, but I’d like to approach the issue of racial separation in light of the Zimmerman trial.

First, I have no opinion about the trial itself, nor will I be speaking to that. I was not there, nor do I have all the facts presented before me. I can only pray that justice was served as the US Court System was designed to do. I can say that any fault involved in the issue will one day be addressed before a holy God. So true justice will be served no matter the outcome of this court case.

With that said, I want to briefly focus on the racial side of things. This trial, as have many others, has brought out our American history once again. Our history of human slavery and persecution led to a national catastrophe, the Civil War. Yes, slavery is wrong in every way. And the sad part is that the Civil War didn’t end the issue. It has continued on in the hearts of men seeking to be better than each other in some way, in any way.

Christians are called to a much higher standard. We are to love all more than ourselves, love even those who are our enemies. Biblically, we are all equal in Christ. There is no distinction to be seen before God. Christ has undone the sinful consequence seen at Babel. We are united in Christ by a bond that can never be broken! Biologically, humans have one race, the human race. Many ethnicities, people groups, tribes, and nations make up that human race. But these divides are not based on intrinsic worth. They are based on location, lineage, culture, language, and political association. So either way we look at it, there is no room for racial hate or tension in the lives of Christians. To be honest, no one has an argument for racial hate based on race. So that leaves only our sinful view of others that leads to travesties like racial hate and prejudice.

Should we treat others negatively because of their health condition, cancer, or need of a prosthetic or wheel chair? Of course not! Then why do we do so when they have the same genes that express differing shades of skin pigment, different languages, or are from various cultures? Logically, it makes no sense. Biblically it makes even less sense.

In the end, there is a divide. But not based on skin or culture. The divide that will be clearly seen is that based on the status of the soul. There are only two kinds of people in the world – those who believe the gospel and those that do not. And those that believe are commanded to love and seek the lost for the glory of God in sharing the gospel. There is no hate in the gospel. There is, however, a gift of undeserved grace. But interestingly enough, it is the same pridefulness that causes one man to look on another with hate due to skin color and to abhor the gift of grace because they think that they are better than that. Sin is sin. Whether humankind sins by hating each other or hating the God who sent His very Son to die the death they deserve doesn’t matter. Both end in destruction. Please, don’t be destroyed by hate and pridefulness. Run to God in repentance, live the life of love, see Christ as the way, truth, and life.

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